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gasfitting services

When it comes to the ever useful, but dangerous, gas that we use to power many of our homes appliances, installations and repairs are best left to the professionals. There are many services that plumbing contractors perform to keep the gas running through your home contained and safe to use.

Installing and Servicing Gas Appliances

Installing a gas-powered appliance requires a lot more care than installing one that runs exclusively on electricity. The gas will need to be shut off, and the appliance will have to be properly fitted and checked for leaks. This is best left to a gasfitter who is trained to detect small leaks and other issues that the homeowner likely doesn’t know to look for. The same goes for servicing gas appliances, especially ones that are not functioning properly.

Detecting and Repairing Leaks in the Gas Line

If you have even the faintest suspicion that you may have a leak in your gas line, it is important that you get a professional to come check your lines immediately. A small gas leak can become a dangerous problem quickly. Trying to locate a gas leak without the proper equipment is risky, and has caused injury to many homeowners. Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home can help you detect possible gas leaks early. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills, so if you smell gas, leave the house immediately and call a professional.

LPG Bottled Gas Installation

If your home is not already connected to a gas main, it can be quite costly to have it connected. In this case, you may want to consider using bottled propane gas. This set up is best suited for a situation where you are only running one or two appliances on gas, otherwise you should strongly consider paying to have your home hooked up to a main. Gas stoves and many other appliances will need to be fitted to work with LPG instead of natural gas, so make sure you have a qualified professional install the necessary parts.

Performing Emergency Repairs

Anytime an appliance that runs on natural gas, or a pipe that runs gas to your appliances, is having issues, you should stop using it immediately, leave the house, and call your gas provider or a contractor for advice. Depending on the issue, you may need to have someone come out immediately to fix the problem. A malfunctioning gas appliance, or a leak in the gas line, can become dangerous quickly. When it comes to gas, safe is always better than sorry.